A Few Words About Myself

My name is Kasper. I’m married and have two children. I love board games, coding and baking sourdough bread.

On the side, I’m employed fulltime as a software consultant at Netcompany in Denmark.


I’ve been programming since 2009. Since them, I’ve worked with several programming languages and different technologies, including, but not limited to, Javascript / TypeScript, Angular, C#, ASP.NET, SQL databases and Microsoft Azure Cloud. I’ve even coded with Pascal.

Work Experience

I’ve worked on an optimization platform for production scheduling for power plants at ├śrsted as a software developer. I also took part in the development the underlying mathematical models.

Later I was hired for a short period by Unik System Design, a vendor for property management software.

Since then, I’ve been a software consultant at Netcompany. Here I’ve worked mainly with C#, TypeScript, systems integration, Microsoft Azure Cloud and customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Want to Work in IT Consulting?

If you want to work at Netcompany, fire me an email by clicking the letter in the top of the page and I’ll point you in the right direction. We are always hiring!